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A good electric dining car place for small sightseeing trains

by:Jiexian     2021-08-13

At present, most scenic spots in China are basically equipped with sightseeing cars, usually with 8 seats, but when the tourist season comes, with the increase of tourists, ordinary sightseeing cars can not meet the needs of tourists at all , And it will also cause traffic congestion, but the small sightseeing train has an advantage over the sightseeing car.

What are the advantages of the sightseeing train?

First, the small sightseeing train can take more tourists. Generally speaking, the small sightseeing train can carry 40 people, which is 20 people in one carriage. , It can seat up to 70 people. Just imagine how many sightseeing cars are needed for 70 people. The answer is 9 cars.

Secondly, sightseeing The train is a car that can seat so many people with only one driver, but there are many more for the same sightseeing car. This invisibly saves labor costs and is equivalent to increasing revenue for the operator.

Third: Sightseeing trains can bring tourists a different travel experience, which is more high-end. It feels like we are traveling by train, which makes people feel comfortable . Moreover, the small sightseeing train itself is a scenic spot that can attract tourists, giving tourists a sense of novelty and freshness. While the increase in tourists, the main thing is to bring benefits to the operator.

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