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A mobile dining car allows entrepreneurs to dream of 'poetry and distance'

by:Jiexian     2021-08-19

'Life is not only about the present, but also the poetry and the distant place.' In recent times, Mr. Xiaosong's words can be described as a famous saying, and countless people are full of hope and fighting spirit. The power motors of mobile dining cars are mostly DC series motors, DC separately excited motors, brushless motors, switched reluctance motors, AC asynchronous motors, etc. Among them, DC series motors and DC separately excited motors are cheap and superior in performance. Features are widely used in electric vehicles. However, the economic foundation determines the superstructure, and the realization of poetry and distance cannot be separated from a good economic background. In the era of national entrepreneurship, people want to get rich quickly through (tōng guò), realize their dreams and personal values, and fulfill their expectations for the future. When dreams are common to everyone, actions are especially important. Features of the mobile dining car: 1. Economical; 2. Practical; 3. Convenience; 4. Extensiveness. With no enthusiasm for entrepreneurship, but no relevant experience (experience), which industry to start from has become a thorny question for many entrepreneurs. In fact, it’s very simple. Catering, as a low-threshold entrepreneurial industry, has always been a stepping stone for many entrepreneurs, and small and micro catering operations (jīng yíng) are not complicated, and only a mobile food truck can easily solve the problem. Difficulties such as site and operation. The mobile food truck is known as the 'transmitter of food'. It is a product that is more suitable for the development of modern society and people's needs. Its mobility, intelligence, exquisite and beautiful features have replaced the status of the traditional snack truck, and it can be operated flexibly. The fixed snack bar is as rigid as it is, attracting more and more people's attention. For many people who want to start a small business, cost and risk are factors to consider, and mobile food trucks are undoubtedly a good choice. Multi-function food trucks use multi-function food trucks, which can better integrate several kinds of catering appliances, ovens, teppanyaki and other tools. It is more convenient to eat and cook, and it is more convenient for entrepreneurs. In terms of cost, its expense (expense) is much lower than the investment in choosing a location to open a store, which can save a lot of money. The effect of operation (jīng yíng) is comparable to that of opening a store, and sometimes even better. In terms of risks, food trucks avoid risks such as location selection. The mobile feature allows operators to drive food trucks to busy markets, business districts, schools and other crowded places, which greatly increases potential consumers. Groups are more likely to benefit (shōu yì). In the catering business, the price of food will definitely be affected by the local consumption level. If the price is too low, you will not be able to continue your business. If the price is too high, customers will feel that it is not worth it, and it will also bring some business problems (Emerson). But because the mobile food truck can be moved at will, the price can change constantly. For example, a bunch of candied haws can be sold for four or five yuan in an ordinary market, and the bustling business district can double to about ten yuan, and the business is still very good. , The high price of goods in the prosperous area is the norm that can be accepted by most people. Compared with traditional business methods, another important function of the mobile food truck is to integrate a variety of snacks. It can sell barbecues, drinks, sweets, etc., which is a large integration of current popular foods. Although there are many varieties, people do not feel crowded inside. Because the shape of the mobile dining car resembles a foreign RV, the internal structure is cleverly designed and the space is large, and various semi-automatic machinery and equipment can be installed. It is also smarter and faster in terms of meal delivery speed. Time is money, which is equivalent to increasing income in disguise. . According to a survey of the operating conditions of mobile food trucks in recent years, about 90% of entrepreneurs are in good operating conditions, as long as very few lose out due to lack of a good mentality.
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