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A situation in the development of the electric dining car - Flow dining car manufacturer

by:Jiexian     2020-09-09
Electric dining car is a way to trust you users have to pay attention to one of the first argument, as a result of the follow new industrial present, state of new energy industry is also strongly support, so it's a way is a great good, today we came to the operator of the we detailed explain the common sense, expect is must for we can help! Electric diners now a way from the point of homework all, besides the traditional sedan big planning investment, a long industrial chain, the system is useful to new car all safe sex, sex has played a role. Grow from the current situation, the focus of the new car power system skills are still not perfect. In safe sex and usefulness is still perfect, is now in first for a short interval, short time travel; But to have an advantage in terms of energy saving, capital, capital is equal under the condition of fuel is only about twenty percent of the traditional cars. From the point of homework external respectively, pure electric cars and thick muddy cars work, etc. To compare, from the point of the vehicle itself, the system of messy level using of slow bento dominant; But the battery in the capital, safe sex and fuel compensation degree is still difficult to plan as a whole. From the point of growth level, electric diners work started late, for the development of new energy cars and traditional sedan manufacturers interest more and more heavy, related research manufacturing industry started earlier.
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