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Abnormal noise on the rear axle of low-speed four-wheel electric sightseeing car and snack car

by:Jiexian     2021-08-14

1. Electric sightseeing car [Electric sightseeing car, also called sightseeing electric car, is a type of electric car used in the area. It can be divided into residential car, electric classic car, small Golf cart. 】The meshing traces of the driving and driven bevel gears do not meet the tooth backlash, gear damage, excessive bearing wear, etc., all cause abnormal noise.

2. We should always check the firmness of each connection part. If it is found to be loose, it should be tightened immediately to effectively avoid accidents.

3. In addition, check all connecting parts from time to time to see if there is any leakage of lubricating oil. If there is any such leak, we will eliminate it immediately.

4. Excessive preload of electric sightseeing car bearing, gear meshing backlash [...] too small, inaccurate meshing marks, and insufficient lubricating oil will cause abnormal heating. We should repair them in time.

5. We also need to remove the vent plug frequently [The vent plug is a mold used to discharge air and other impurities inside the mold to improve the quality of the mold product Accessories. 】 External parts to keep the vent open. Check the amount of lubricating oil frequently, not too much or too little.

6. If the rear axle of the low-speed four-wheel electric sightseeing bus makes abnormal noise during driving, the main reasons are as follows:

A. The axle shaft bearing is damaged, replace the bearing.

b. If the gear oil has insufficient oil content or the gear oil has been used for a long time, and the oil quality has changed, add gear oil or adjust the original gear oil, and inject new gear oil and the specified in the manual Oil content.

C. The rear shock absorber is damaged, and the electric sightseeing bus leaks oil. We need to replace the rear shock absorber in time.

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