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According to the actual needs of customers, is there a dining car for high-speed rail?

by:Jiexian     2021-08-13

Electric dining car【Electric dining car is a kind of dining car, which has the characteristics of good mobility, free of space constraints, and compact appearance. 】, electric truck 【Electric truck is the general term for pure electric vehicles that carry goods. It is a modern and environmentally friendly vehicle designed to solve the transportation of goods in small areas such as factories and docks. 】Generally, the size and load capacity of the cargo box can be tailored according to the actual needs of customers. The price of four-wheel electric dining car The characteristics of large load capacity and stronger power, large-capacity battery ensure its long driving range, and the super chassis design makes its safety performance more stable.

What should I do if the steering wheel of the electric dining car is difficult to rotate?

After the electric dining car is started, the picture of the electric dining car found that the rolling steering wheel is heavy. This is the situation. In recent repair shops, jacks are used to raise the car so that there is no friction between the tires and the ground;

There is no resistance when rolling the steering wheel at this time, so clarify the tire question and check whether the tire pressure is normal;


If you find that the steering wheel can’t turn or it’s hard to roll, then maybe it’s a bento formed by the lack of lubricating oil in the transmission bearing. You can add lubricating oil to the electric dining car of the Texas dining car manufacturer; of course, the factor that causes the steering wheel of the electric dining car to rotate is also difficult. There are many. For example, if the vehicle has experienced a knocking collision, the transmission system components may be deformed, which will also cause the steering wheel to rotate hard. So when we use the electric dining car, we must first check the electric car and eliminate any faults before driving out. Stall!

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