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According to the customer demand custom - different functions of different specifications of the equipment Flow dining car manufacturer

by:Jiexian     2020-09-18
Snack represents the day fine beautify human civilization. Along with the economic expansion, ordinary day level increasingly, proportion of eating in daily life more and more high, but because of life rhythm speeding up, people abandon love dinner snack. Because the snacks don't have to be elegant manners, then the local processing hunger at any time. So sweet snack car pooling flavor snack, food, for young and old, nutrient, delicious, inexpensive, consumption and optional advantages in one, is the combination of characteristics of Chinese fast food and snacks, has the incomparable superiority, * * * to extend the consumer groups. Launch of utility snack car no pollution, no dust, baked food taste fresh, bright color, accord with the requirement of people health, suitable for all kinds of people to enjoy. Set rinse, roasted, Fried, and combination of teppanyaki utility vehicle, snack car, can also according to customer demand customize different function specification equipment, round Angle carefully planning make snack car moved very lunch. Plastic beauty, bento operation, reasonable structure to save fuel, a multi-purpose, earn money everywhere. And training centre in headquarters learning free, 2 - Three days to learn. Pro active hand operation, learn to stop. Headquarters will arrange accommodation. Car journey far can join, snacks snacks series data according to the teaching material compound, the original data of the local can go follow now, it is must have many resources, are in the dry condition, therefore needs to open a new, snacks, and activity diners choose electricity power, malatang snack car, now is still relying on battery to store electricity, activity snack car, and now this problem has always been unable to break the bottleneck. We all know that the battery cost of capital is not low, but use stature and its circulation number is limited, formally as a result of the existence of the problem, cause activity diners had very great limitations. So now the bottleneck is the demand to develop new skills and charging new save electricity skills, in the capital is not high, can increase its use life, extended use fixed number of year, and this activity diners also formally society and future requirements of a new product.
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