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An overview of the related functions of the Gathering Flavor Mala Tang Snack Cart

by:Jiexian     2021-08-14

The grassroots delicacies closest to the common people have regular consumers throughout the year. Various vegetables, fresh meat, poultry eggs, mushrooms, aquatic products, and soy products are carefully pierced on the sticks, and they are pushed into the high temperature all the way, and the real life is through the fire, the delicious and nutritious blends, the red soup is mellow, and the bone soup. Nourishing, fresh and fragrant soup, nutrition of seafood soup, 4 kinds of special base soups, flying in the sky, running on the ground, swimming in the water, growing in the ground, knotted on the tree, dug in the soil...anything that can be eaten , Can be used to scald.

Mobile operation: It can be sold on the spot in busy downtowns, supermarkets, night markets, schools, scenic spots, stations, docks and other places with high crowd density. The business will definitely be booming. In this way, there is almost no need to invest in fixed assets, avoiding facade rent and decoration costs, and there is no risk at all. It is most suitable for investors who are starting a business for the first time and whose capital strength is weak.

Chain operation: Mala Tang shops that already have a certain scale of operation and are looking for expansion can set up more snack truck business locations in the same city to help increase store profits And popularity, low-cost expansion, canteen operations: such as schools, hotels, restaurants, enterprises or institutional canteens, etc., practice has proved that this cost is low, sales volume is large and stable.

Mala Tang Mala Tang 4. Leasing operation: In tourist areas, especially natural scenic spots, equipment can be rented out, and some barbecue ingredients and seasonings can be prepared, and the rent will be charged. Sell u200bu200braw materials and make money in double shares. This kind of operation must have innate conditions, that is, within the scope of tourist attractions, it is best to cooperate with tourism companies.

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