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Analysis on the precautions for the use of mobile electric dining car

by:Jiexian     2021-08-14

The mobile electric dining car uses batteries as the main energy source and is used for mobile operation vehicles. Users can choose the style and size of the vehicle according to the actual business situation. When purchasing, pay attention to the size of the interior space of the dining car, the capacity of the battery, and the tires, doors and windows, brake lighting system, etc. Before using the vehicle, you should be familiar with the operating instructions of the dining car, and pay attention to the following matters when using it.

1. Before using the mobile electric dining car, check whether the battery of the vehicle is sufficient, whether there are any abnormalities in other parts and systems, and the driver meets the driving conditions .

2. Don't occupy a road during the business process of the dining car. For food business, you need to prepare the relevant hygiene license or the health certificate of the salesperson, etc. For the specific certification status, you can consult the local urban management or the industrial and commercial administration.

3. If the dining car is used in winter, pay attention to food insulation measures; according to changes in the climate environment, make corresponding adjustments to food safety, sanitation and quality assurance measures.

4. When the dining car is used, clean and hygienic work should be done. A clean dining car environment is more popular with customers and friends. Pay attention to charging the battery and not overcharging. The battery should be protected from exposure to sunlight and humidity.

5. If the dining car has been used for a long time, regular or regular inspection and maintenance work can be carried out, which can effectively ensure the safety of the electric dining car.

There are so many precautions for the use of mobile electric dining cars. For more information about electric dining cars, electric trucks, etc., you can call us for consultation!

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