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Analysis - the industry analysis and market demand Flow dining car manufacturer

by:Jiexian     2020-09-16
A, environmental analysis, A) Job analysis and * * * needs analysis in recent years, with China's national economy, infrastructure construction of rapid expansion and the rapid expansion of car industry in China, our country dining car * * * are agile, presents the prosperous phenomenon, to meet the various needs and promote national economy development of our country has made an important contribution. According to situation, * * * * * * in our country demand is added, but because all macroeconomic growth is slowing, industrial added value growth rate dropped, fixed assets investment, consumption add the lack of motivation, macroeconomic uncertainty of special attacks affected car homework, diners demand add slowly. ( 2) * * * customer analysis at present, our country and abroad are gradually, many companies are try all means to travel service quality and expand operations planning, safety and timely delivery of products for use is an important link of enterprise production operations, also promotes the circulation of products increases all fields, many companies are equipped with diners in the service of the worker. Chinese diners are reasonable planning, function stable, skill levels * * * competition advantages, compared with foreign products, their skills to still have strong skills in security advantage. * * * in our country, according to the analysis of speculation, the dining car production and sales in China will be at a rate of between 15% and 20% additive year by year, the * * * less also needs 10 years time talents tend to be full. About foreign * * *, diners prospect is broad, * * * * * * * * *, the Middle East, central and South America and Africa needs more than * * *, primary demand for trailer diners. The first characteristic is: * * * with the different customer the demand for the dining car, and the price is low, and about some of the European Union, require exquisite products. ( 3) SWOT analysis advantage (1 1) The high degree of product specialization, standardization. Its public service and cooperation, form a public service, product specifications, product types, specifications, original data are performed according to the specification, no matter what kind of car travel journey of what can be arrived at. ( 2) The product high environmental requirements, choose active exhaust gas treatment equipment to prevent the harmful gas transpiration. ( 3) Also can according to the different needs of customers a variety of deformation. ( 4) With standardization and generalization. ( 5) Domestic price properly. 2 follow social downwind distances and expand, and build the harmonic society demand, many companies are try all means to travel service quality and expand operations planning, many companies also constantly develop new products, the dining car as a new product into * * *, some low-end dining car become the primary competition rivals. 3 time now, * * * a prospect is very good, but our country produces the dining car enterprises related to other special for fewer. And dining car 'tailored' become a highlight of * * *, load and internal equipment can be customized according to the requirements of different customers. 4 coerce due to different customers' requirements, notice the dining car now cannot meet the needs of all customers. Second, the marketing strategy ( A) * * * a segment, mining requirements: quality from 0. 5 tons to five tons of cars have demand. Second, geology, oil exploration needs: quality from 0. 5 tons to five tons of cars have demand. Three, chain catering needs: give priority to with small tonnage models. ( 2) Target more than * * * all * * * ( 3) * * * position to occupy the * * * low price and high quality. Third, marketing mix strategy ( A) Product strategy, product foothold 1: 'quality as the root, honesty, sincere service, science and technology'. 2, product selling point: no I have you, you have my best. Accessories matching aspects above competitors. ( 2) Price strategy can according to customer requirements, customize different types of cars, each car pricing below * * * cars average price 300 yuan/meters. ( 3) Approach to strategic dealers abandon this approach to marketing to end customer. ( 4) The promotion strategy 1. Advertising promotion baidu promotion, alibaba and hc360 is complementary. 2. A variety of promotional method using twenty thousand single, planning, printing and decent letter to lending to the various production enterprises, circulation enterprises, mining enterprises, etc. Four, arrangement and implementation plan, 1) Arrange sales force planning and arrangement structure of planning to sell units, recruitment, training, supervision, motivation, evaluation of sales personnel ( 2) Draw up a work schedule to formulate implementation timetable schedule, indicating the mission's first as a person and a different time period should be complete mission objectives
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