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Analyze the matters needing attention before the operation of the battery truck

by:Jiexian     2021-08-14

A battery truck is a cargo truck that uses batteries as the main energy source. It can also be called an electric truck or a battery truck. Vehicles can be divided into plate type, van type, large and medium-small, etc. according to the loading form or the load-bearing capacity. Batteries used in trucks are generally small and medium-sized, and users should do relevant safety inspections before using them.

1. If the battery truck is a new car, check whether the front wheel front speed of the vehicle is correct when it is used for 3 to 7 days. If it is not correct , Should be adjusted in time. Avoid causing tire deviation, wear, or scrapping.

2. Drivers should be familiar with the operation of the vehicle, including the routine maintenance work before leaving and after receiving the vehicle; check whether the vehicle battery electrolyte needs to be added; pay attention to the use of the battery and take precautions Corrosion, de-corrosion, and timely charging and storage.

3. Check the brake system of the vehicle, and pay attention to lighting, energy and other issues when using it at night. If the driving ground is not stable, you should pay attention to the condition of the tire before and after use, including the tire shape and tire pressure.

4. The vehicle has a prescribed load standard, so be careful not to overweight when using it.

5. The driving operator meets the conditions for driving operation, and the driver complies with road traffic safety laws and regulations. It is best to be familiar with the vehicle and find a solution when an abnormal situation occurs.

The battery truck usually pays attention to the maintenance of the battery, do not put any sundries on the battery, pay attention to the correct connection of the positive and negative poles, and avoid short-circuit or damage.

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