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Barbecue Fried string and use the matters needing attention - diners advantages Flow dining car manufacturer

by:Jiexian     2020-09-10
Street vendors of food and equipment are mostly in the open air. On the journey of all kinds of car exhaust and dust got into the food. It is difficult to ensure food security, but the legendary food is like a car with refrigerator, ice machine, yogurt machine small kitchen. Cold drink machine, such as wide and tidy environment, diners can ensure food hygiene. With the expand of modern society, the use of people to function more snack car more and more, its future is becoming more and more light. The most important thing is that we can taste all kinds of food. It will also be able to send food to their home, environmental protection and useful and worthy of your trust. Barbecue Fried string of dining car not only can the roast mutton, beef, pork, chicken and other meat string, also can be used to fish, shrimp, seafood, vegetables and other foods, and also can make flavor snacks, like popcorn, bridge rice noodle, etc. Utility snack car is a combination of a variety of functions, such as snacks, barbecue, Fried, boiled hot water, teppanyaki and oden, and mixed at will. Regardless of location, there is no time, always open, mobile at any time! Utility snack car is very safe, green environmental protection, the harmful gas of atmospheric pollution emissions. Let's be full of electricity and the ability to use it only demand. Snacks in the car power system and supply of electrical equipment are separated, thus to ensure the safety of the power to save electricity, Fried can be used as a dining car, car roof with large solar panels and electric four-wheel diners. It can charge, can reach 50 * * *. When using utility snack car, protection is very important, so all components of the utility snack car demand to obtain the very good smooth, because it can not only reduce conflict of lose, trek transmission power, will also be able to cut parts of wear and tear, together can also cool. So in order to make the function more snacks all parts of the car are excellent smooth, it is necessary according to the rules and choose appropriate smooth oil. In fact, many function snack car also needs to protect small parts.
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