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Barbecue Fried string how to cleaning and maintenance - dining car Flow dining car manufacturer

by:Jiexian     2020-09-10
Barbecue Fried string diners in our daily surrounding actually not rare, it is extremely mobile and health of clean manufacturing process to be able to let us to purchase a barbecue Fried string centering. Then Fried barbecue series dining car cleaning and maintenance needs pay attention to the key issues and what are the? First, cleaning barbecue Fried string of dining car, in front of the car parked, should put a car clean and tidy up clean, do not have a mud. Second, the electric car stopped before dining car, jack up the car, the tires and suspension components won't force. If again, around the park ventilation drab, garage needs often insist on ventilation, make the air relative humidity stick to below seventy percent. Demand in brief by corrosion parts and parts appearance smooth coated with oil, fat may be wrapped in oil. The hole on each assembly arrangement, need to seal, prevent the air, water and dust into the interior. The other, for this kind of barbecue Fried string of dining car tyres, don't be too much inflated pay attention to, such interest is to be able to add the area of the tire and road surface, prevent slippage. After all, barbecue Fried string diners to produce manufacturer claims that the user in the drive when the equipment, in the walk as far as possible the * * * to move and not to a screeching halt. Winter road surface is painting, * * * don't down, braking time, very brief and draw many, constitute the unnecessary trouble.
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