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Basic knowledge of electric patrol car-based high-speed rail dining car

by:Jiexian     2021-08-15

  Electric Patrol Car [Electric Patrol Car (Electric Patrol Car) is a model specially designed and developed for personnel in special departments to patrol and transport. This model is divided into ordinary patrol cars and car Types, ordinary patrol cars can be divided into ordinary type and luxury type. ] (Electric Patrol Car) is a model specially designed and developed for police law enforcement personnel. The model is divided into two types: ordinary police cars and enclosed police cars. On the basis of these two types, It can be divided into common type and luxury type. The electric vehicle is especially suitable for public security patrols, pedestrian streets, and golf courses [Golf course (Golf course) is a venue required for golf. ], tourist attractions, real estate (garden community [The garden community is located at the northwest corner of the Chang'an Street No. 1 subway, at the northwest corner of the intersection of Yuquan New Street and Chang'an Avenue.]), large enterprises, government agencies, parks, entertainment venues, stadiums, Transportation tools in the fields of colleges, universities, hospitals, nursing homes, stations, airports, and docks.

  Electric patrol car

  The electric patrol car is not only the first choice for police patrol, but also the city management and other law enforcement agencies Good Helper ['Good Helper' is an Android platform application. ]. It adopts superior automobile chassis technology, independent suspension system, large landscape high-strength tempered glass, and pays more attention to practicality. It integrates police lights, megaphones and other police systems and toolboxes, and provides mobility and dexterity for street patrol tasks. convenient.

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