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Basic Vending Cart Designed to Adapt

Basic Vending Cart Designed to Adapt


        This is the most versatile and efficient Vending Cart on the market.

        Suitable for outdoor and indoor use, with a clean design that works in any background, the Basic Cart is a three-in-one business solution for selling, sampling and advertising.

        The standard version can be used as a mobile shop, as a promotional stand in marketing campaigns or as a ready-made street food cart. Customized, the Basic Vending Cart can serve any purpose one can think of thanks to our wide selection of add-ons and accessories.

        Our Basic Vending Cart is an affordable off-the-shelf solution for entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes. Easy to adapt, it can be used as a mobile counter for marketing campaigns.

        Fully customizable, the Basic Vending Cart can be outfitted on demand with accessories for every purpose and commercial requirement, such as folding countertop extensions, countertop LED lights, fridge, etc.

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