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Battery life - how to extend the electric snack car Flow dining car manufacturer

by:Jiexian     2020-09-11
How to extend the electric snack car battery life? Some electric snack car users will encounter in the process of using electric snack car halfway the condition of no electricity, it generally is without the battery, life of talent is not enough. So this kind of situation, how can we deal with? Electric car battery discharge less snacks, charging, the more mean circulation with times is the more, the use of the battery life spans is harmful. If want to use 10 years, charged only put eight times a year, only needs to put the can be 80 times, but in practice the root impossible, in their big batteries used on 300 - cycle, often charging the battery damage is very big. Although electric snack car battery when the use of new have electricity, but does not mean that can be used. Battery factory will back through the placement of one to two months, in this period of time, inside the battery will attack some buzz, electric consumption, short of the required capacity, assume this time using the hazards on the battery, but ChuDu charge after use, can protect the battery can also prevent the power shortage.
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