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Breakfast should pay attention to what knowledge - car Flow dining car manufacturer

by:Jiexian     2020-09-03
About customer, expect to buy food is clean sanitation, therefore as operators to look out for utility snack car cleaning and hygiene. So let's know how to clean utility snack car is better? Analysis, the general utility snack car in the car is very brief cleaning stainless steel panel, use more environmental protection. Manufacture of meat in oil, coals, respectively, no soot, fly ash, more health; About electric tricycle snacks the use of saloon car is used all around way, feel more sweet and more clean, surrounded the snack car trailer reduced dust pollution, more wash some brief, what food carts are more in place, easy to maintain use lunch first is to use up more health and more healthy. Today we want to give we Shared some safety harness the common sense of all utility vehicle for breakfast, we will from three aspects to give we share this common sense, detailed as follows: stop check lose electricity, electric battery dining car stop in losing electricity status when registering. Kui status refers to the electric dining car without charge in time after use. In the electrical condition check the battery, very briefly present the sulfuric acid salinization, lead sulfate crystal attached on the plate, clog electric ion channels, constitute a shortage of charging, the battery capacity decline. Losing electricity situation placed the longer the time, the heavier cell damage. Carts place need not when, therefore, should compensate electricity once a month, so can well adhere to the battery status. Punctuality view: in the process of using, assuming the dining car line continuation of the journey within short time and then dropped dramatically, it may very well be the rare in the battery pack a battery problem. At this point, should be repaired in a timely manner to sell centre or acting department view, correcting, or group. Such can extend battery life spans, relatively big spending to save you. Prevent charging plug fever: 220 v power plug or charger output plug is loose, touch the phenomenon such as surface oxidation will cause plug heating, heating time is too long can lead to plug short-circuit or touch bad, damage the charger and battery, bring you unnecessary loss. So found that the above situation, should be timely the eradication of oxide or replace connectors.
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