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Brief introduction of Jiexian
Jiexian has developed for years and has been well recognized by clients at home and abroad. The R&D and production have been supported by a team of experienced technicians. It is well marketed in both domestic and foreign markets. Its exports make up a large proportion to the total sales.

Along with the social development, it is effective for Jiexian to advance technology to keep innovative. Shanghai Jiexian Industrial Co., Ltd.'s concession trailer series contains multiple sub-products. Jiexian food truck concession trailer is designed with a scientific system. This system includes a sterilization system to reliably supply the desired water quality. The stainless steel working table inside the product is easy to clean up. The product distinctly relieves the burden on the electricity demand due to its low energy consumption, which will help reduce carbon footprint. Its working table, made of stainless steel, is not easy to get rusty.

Our company is continuously analyzing the needs of the market around the world aiming to develop a full range of product applications in business, industry, education, etc. Inquiry!
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