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Briefly on the matters needing attention in the operation of Shandong electric freight trucks

by:Jiexian     2021-08-17

Electric freight trucks use batteries as the main energy source for pulling goods and moving houses. The battery condition of the vehicle affects the use of freight vehicles, the size of the battery affects the mileage, and the quality affects the service life, so pay attention to when purchasing. Drivers should be familiar with the components of the vehicle and have the qualifications to drive. When driving and operating freight vehicles, they should pay attention to the following items:

1. Electric Check the integrity of the parts and components of the truck before use, including batteries, brake systems, and tires.

2. The road traffic laws must be observed during the driving of the vehicle.

3. If an accident occurs during the use of the freight vehicle, stop the vehicle for inspection and maintenance in time. For some more remote places, first adopt emergency treatment plans, and then repair them in time.

4. In the process of pulling the goods, pay attention to do a good job of securing the goods and not overweight.

5. After the vehicle is used, pay attention to the charging of the battery, charge it correctly, do not overcharge, and do not store it at a loss. Do a good job of cleaning, lubricating and overhauling the parts system.

If the electric freight truck has been used for a long time, it can be overhauled regularly. Please avoid exposure to the sun and damp storage of the battery of the vehicle. For more information about electric handling vehicles, recreational vehicles and dining cars, please check in our company.

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