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Buying a Food Carts business from a Owner vs Broker

Buying a Food Carts business from a Owner vs Broker


        Many potential buyers search online for Food Carts business for sale by owner and and may be it is because buyers are led to believe that they can negotiate better with the owner or get a better deal. Despite websites and marketplaces like this which facilitate any business owner to sell a business directly, most businesses are still sold through brokers and hence no FSBO websites & marketplaces have been successful. 

        Also a very few businesses listed by owners eventually get sold because most sellers price it higher than what it is worth or do not use real valuation metrics, whereas an experienced broker in the Food Carts related industry will price it based on the market metrics and valuation, so that they can sell the business quickly because keeping a business on market for too long can be counter productive. There are also other advantages of dealing with a qualified and experienced broker but in the end whether it is an FSBO or listed by a broker, everything depends on the real value of the business, current market conditions.

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