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Causes of damage to the battery of an electric garbage truck

by:Jiexian     2021-08-12
In the use of secondary electric garbage trucks, you need to pay attention to the battery problem. Because the battery is the core part of the real car and affects the distance of travel, it is necessary to take protective measures for the battery. Then I will tell you today. What are the reasons for the damage of the battery in this product? Qingzhou Hongri Vehicle Industry Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer engaged in product production for many years. Let us take a look.

In the process of battery charging, the electrolysis of water will occur to produce oxygen and hydrogen, and the water will be lost in the form of hydrogen and oxygen, so it is also called gassing. Water plays a very important role in the electrochemical system of the battery. The reduction of the amount of water will reduce the ion activity involved in the reaction, and the reduction of the contact area between sulfuric acid and the lead plate will increase the internal resistance of the battery, increase the polarization, and ultimately lead to the decrease of the battery capacity. .

Lead-acid batteries are not used alone, but are used together. If one or two of the batteries in each group are behind, it can cause other good ones to be unable to be used normally. This is called imbalance. .

When a battery is over-discharged and stored in a discharged state for a long time, its negative electrode will form a coarse lead sulfate crystal that is difficult to accept charging. This phenomenon is called irreversible sulfation.

Slight irreversible sulfation can be recovered by some methods; in severe cases, the electrode will fail and cannot be charged. In the circuit, if the current does not flow through the electrical appliances, but the two poles of the power supply are directly connected, the power supply will be short-circuited. Because the resistance of the wire is very small, the current on the circuit will be very large when the power supply is short-circuited.

The above content is the cause of the damage to the battery of the electric garbage truck. I hope you can better protect the product through the introduction of this article. If you feel the product Interest, everyone is welcome to come and buy.

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