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Charging difficult problem restricts the development of flow the dining car - Flow dining car manufacturer

by:Jiexian     2020-09-30
Activity is now let's compare common a dining car food trucks, on all sorts of * * *, to be able to see their shadow, about the activities for the dining car, long time use, unavoidably will have electricity, so, this time, let's the most demand is local charge, however, is now the * * *, electric activity diners charge has three big difficult problem. Top charging equipment is difficult to find: charging pile quantity shortage. By the end of 2013, the state grid has built 40 seat charger in power stations, 1. 90000 charging piles, Beijing, Shanghai, shenzhen and other places of charging pile's just above one thousand, charging in other areas of the pile is more scarce, unable to meet the demand of activity of dining car car, the personage inside course of study indicate, public charging pile manufacturing capital is higher, and the need to consider to place elements such as, on the outskirts of manufacturing charging piles will be more lunch, but unlucky the planning activities diner car big promotion. Second is difficult to reconcile the equipment equipment: equipment equipment needs charging pile conciliating contact. Property is not collaboration charging pile manufacturing will be penalized. Shanghai also issued similar rules, expected to promote in the neighborhood, parking floor manufacturing charging pile. Another interface specification is difficult together: the activities of the domestic dc fast charging now diners car charging interface specification together. But on communication slow filling interface specification, the difference between each manufacturer is more significant, now domestic activity diner car charging interface above is given priority to with national standard and non-standard. Diner for electrical connection and repair equipment, should please hold electrician operation certificate personnel equipment. Dining car cleaning and maintenance: when cleaning and maintenance, should be the detection power, to prevent accidental disturbance. After work every day no corrosive cleaner wet towels are available, and clean body appearance and power lead appearance, prevent direct flush with water, prevent damage electrical function.
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