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Check and maintenance - about the performance of the electric diners Flow dining car manufacturer

by:Jiexian     2020-09-17
Electric type is a, diners its mobility is very good, free from all bondage of place, look very dainty, suitable for city and factory room requirements, appearance is fine about the atmosphere, its widely used in large factories, airports and campus places such as room service, so when this series of products to check the function needs pay attention to what? Type electric heed matters when diners function view as follows. First, may be out of control, check the operation is correct. Second, to ensure that the brake function properly, to the appropriate pressure on the brake pedal in full, the vehicle should be smooth and straight line to stop. Again, when atresia, parking brake should lock the wheels and vehicle fixed, it should loosen when on pressure accelerating pedal. Other, when the travel/evacuation switch in R 'leave' orientation, reversing phonic should ring as a warning. After all, the vehicle should be a brief steering, steering plate should not have any move. Electric diners at this stage we are everywhere, there are local it always includes food, its maintenance method is also very important, so let's when maintenance needs pay attention to what? Mostly using highly efficient electric diners people often have a cognitive errors, don't think the dining car's demand ' ' ' 'have a rest, in fact, diners often long time operation, will constitute parts of fatigue, attack shortcomings. So, let's have a rest also punctual to make electric diners, do 'maintenance', about the use of highly efficient diner let's view to be punctual, but do not demand too much, again and again fundamentally diner in no problem under the condition of three months for a routine check and maintenance also meet, assuming, of course, presents some disturbance may be damaged to demand even to repair and adjust, some risk present problem in not under the condition of once every three months to recover will not blackmail to diners itself function and safety.
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