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Cold dishes diners need to recharge it - every day Flow dining car manufacturer

by:Jiexian     2020-09-15
Cold dishes diner now has to our days, and will use every day, although is not very long journey, but I'll have to charge after each use, is this why? With below small make up together to have a look. Due to the battery charging everyday can let the battery in shallow circulating condition, this position will make the use of batteries full extension, back to benefit is not so severe as lead-acid battery. Cold dishes diners often put electric charge back relatively large impact on battery life. The charger in the indicating lamp light changes is full of electricity in the future, filling the power may be 97% ~ 99%. Although only owe charging 1% ~ 3% of the electricity, the line continuation can simply ignore the influence of talent, but also can constitute owe charging piled up, so the battery is full of electric light changes in the future is still the best may continue floating charge, the inhibition of cell sulfide, is a matter of interest. Float charging roots not in power. Although we now use batteries are mostly for lithium-ion batteries, but the battery is about using become old, yea, so a good protection, extend its life spans is the top priority. Since it back to our day brought a big lunch, workers can within its operational planning could buy cold dishes, it really to save a lot of time to work. But people who use that battery don't fight with, then constitute the elements of this phenomenon is due to what? First let's in the use of cold dishes dining car, about whether or not the use of the battery operation right, especially the charging time, discharge abundance? We know to maintain battery using full chief element is the solution, suppose that the solution presented sulfide phenomenon, so it must be won't lock the electricity. Another situation is the battery lock power will be influenced by season, general lock power in summer than in winter. Assume that we are in charge, the charging voltage assumed not safe, the same will affect battery, thus protect the battery is actually protect the cold dishes diners.
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