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Considerations for purchasing electric pallets

by:Jiexian     2021-08-13

An electric pallet truck is generally a kind of vehicle used for carrying work, and it is actually the same as what we call an electric micro card. The vehicle uses electric energy as the main energy source, making travel more environmentally friendly. It is also easier to operate and use. There are many types of electric vehicles on the market. Users should pay attention to distinguishing them when choosing to buy. It is best to shop around and buy. The following precautions should be paid attention to when purchasing:

1. Manufacturers of electric pallet trucks

Before purchasing a vehicle, Please choose a professional manufacturer. Because professional manufacturers are the guarantee of vehicle quality, the source of vehicles is regular, avoiding some unnecessary troubles. Professional manufacturers can understand your needs and recommend them to you, and the after-sales service of the vehicle is also guaranteed.

2. Vehicle battery

The battery of an electric vehicle is related to the length of time the vehicle is used. When buying, you should pay attention to the size and quality of the battery.

3. The size of the vehicle

There are two common micro-cards for handling vehicles: one is single row and the other is double row. The size and weight of the cargo that can be loaded and accommodated by the two are different, and the choice is based on the use situation. In actual use, be careful not to exceed the maximum load-bearing capacity of the vehicle.

4. Vehicle performance, appearance, etc.

When choosing an electric vehicle, pay attention to the appearance of the vehicle and check the tires of the vehicle; also pay attention to the operating system and door of the vehicle. , Windows, etc. details. It is required that there are no defects that affect performance.

The above are the items that should be considered when buying electric pallets. Friends who want to buy electric vehicles can go to Qingzhou Hongri Automobile Industry to check.

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