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Cost-effective - electric flow diners Flow dining car manufacturer

by:Jiexian     2020-09-26
Nearly period of time, many big brands of electric activity, preliminary layout were low priced line enterprises grovelling main dining car * * * low-end electric activity, this has to do with electric cars in recent years, a trend of some break it. Power is big brands are preliminary low-end * * *, fight with the price of small and medium-sized enterprises, not only because the electric car * * * * * * in the past two years turn pale, many enterprises with huge sales pressure, but the electric activity diners low-end * * * is now very old, perfect supporting system, operating capital is lower. About a line brands, diners low-end * * * electric activity profit is low, but assume that sales will go up, it is worth all the. The question is, on small and medium-sized enterprises, electric activity diners regional price advantage will be weakened by first-line brand, so small and medium-sized enterprises will lose value? Electric operation enterprises and dealers have a myth - — And many customers also feel - — High cost performance is low price! Actually price is a relative concept, its high cost performance can meet different consumer psychology, and its intention of products is also can have psychological valuation. Just, in electric cars, electric activity in the dining car can move customer price is still more than the quality of the criterion of a factor. Now cheap electric activity diners * * * competition has now become a cinderblock, piled up over the past 20 years experience, enterprises about price competition has been familiar with in the heart, become an important strategy of * * *. In fact, no any skill levels at a lower price, about how to make high sexual price is in low skill to live. Objectively speaking, for most domestic customers, on the basis of decent electric activity diners, demand is more affordable price. From now, although the small and medium-sized enterprise brand on the product's strength can't completely as first-line brand brand, but they are all make product with great efforts together, based on the price of the premium brands leave space, seek low prices will undoubtedly become small and medium-sized brand joint action, is also said that price is the dining car electric activities of small and medium-sized enterprises survive the useful technique.
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