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Creating Your Food Cart Business Plan Part 2

Creating Your Food Cart Business Plan Part 2


        A good idea would be to create a spreadsheet with all the events and street food opportunities in your area. The amount of options available could seem daunting in the beginning, so start by thinking about what kind of event or environment you would expect to see a street food business similar to yours.

        The next step would be to attend a few events yourself, taking note of the businesses that appear to be doing well and why.

        As a general guide, generic fast-food businesses that focus on sales volume fare well at large music festivals and other events where the food is incidental to the main experience, whilst high-end street food traders perform better at events in which the customer will be searching for a new taste experience.

        However, all the preparation in the world can’t account for the unexpected, and you will find some events simply fail to produce the expected revenue.

        Your business plan should account for this, and you should always have enough spare cash in reserve to act as a safety net when you run up against the worst case scenario

        Your approach to branding and marketing is a vital part of your business plan. A strong brand will help you stand out from the crowd, which is important for attracting customers as well as for securing spots at venues.

        Remember: you are often selling a lifestyle with street food, so your brand should have a good slogan and a clear identity which reflects this.

        Social media should obviously be central to your marketing plan and a strong Facebook and Instagram presence will help you raise your profile and create an army of online followers who you can spread your message to.

        Regularly update your profiles with good quality photos as they generate a lot of interest and always display your social media handles so your customers /potential customers can connect with you

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