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Curved roof design makes it looks like a pretty little house

by:Jiexian     2020-09-01

arc ( Explanation: is a kind of elegant lines) The roof design ( Design) That looks like a pretty little house

three-wheeled diners multi-function car breakfast, novel style, 小说) , arc ( Explanation: is a kind of elegant lines) The roof design ( Design) That looks like a pretty little house, conspicuous. Coupled with the totally enclosed trailer type design, the clean health, super stainless steel mesa, never rust, it is very easy to clean, 清洁) , no lampblack, noise ( Db ( dB) ) , pollution-free green car, let the customer trust. Our company ( 生产) Breakfast car oxygen ( 氧气) Strong, fire ( 火力) Fierce, more ZaoKou work simultaneously solved you worried about, how busy, don't come over concerns and reveal ark can display products ( 产品) 。 Important is the 'function transformation' design, need not change equipment ( 设备) , don't need to add tools, transformation management project at any time!

well, fortunately convenient liquid, where the dining car that welcome, eat snacks can wave at the diner, delicious, 美味) And food is to, is too easy! The second good:

thanks to his powerful, foot can be compared to a snack bar, snack bar, what I have what, malatang? Hot pot? A barbecue? Salad? The steamed stuffed bun? Fried dumplings? Have, everything, tube are you want to eat mutton string or barbecued pork, all have!

good 3: but it is not afraid of wind and rain, to invite you to dinner on the bus, imagine: a rainy night, you go off work, alone with the heavy rain the mood depressed, a mobile diner in the wind and rain at this time is coming, with various delicious stew (above 美味) , all kinds of snacks. Oh, buy the, happiness ah, the smell of home is in the front.

good 4: fortunately, it looks good, comparable to saloon car, if you have no place to go, the boss is a man again, will keep you stay for a few nights in the car, and just move the dining car boss is a young honest guy? As a result, The shielding N many words)

the first achieved: fortunately it can joint operation, in the busy days, she or he gently a salute, will make the whole car mobile breakfast sweet romance, even the snow will become transparent crystal wow in the window.

the working principle of multi-functional snack car ( 原则) :

1, the far infrared furnace which USES alone ( 红外线) Heat radiation structure design ( Design) Barbecue, carefully designed and fuel-efficient position ( 位置) , barbecue, smoke-free fly ash fully, completely avoid the drop of oil in baked food fell into the coals, and the traditional charcoal baked dry smell peculiar to the extreme.

2, according to food ( 食物) The characteristics of free adjusting fire ( 火力) The size of the ( 大小) To ensure that all kinds of food, 食物) Roasting are able to achieve better effect, at the same time overcomes the traditional charcoal grilled food easily ( 食物) The disadvantages of burnt, and use carbon quantity can save more than 50%.

3, furnace used store thermal insulation design ( Design) , quantity of heat, 热) No longer send out to the outside of the furnace body, operators don't have to put up with smoky fire liao, more easy and convenient, easy and flexible to operate, baked goods need not turn over and over again, reduced the labor ( labour) Intensity ( 强度) Heated evenly, baked food, jūn yún) Roasting, faster, higher production rate.

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