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Describe the main points of the maintenance of electric four-wheel trucks in detail

by:Jiexian     2021-08-19

As a product of choice for entrepreneurs, electric four-wheel trucks are purchased and used by many people. This product saves a lot of money, but it will shorten the life span due to improper use. So how can we prolong its service life, we need to do a good job of daily maintenance work, maybe everyone is not very familiar with it, then let the editor briefly introduce the main points of truck maintenance.

1. The most important thing that affects the service life of electric four-wheel trucks is the problem of the battery. The battery's power-locking ability is related to the long-term mileage of the vehicle. The charging environment and seasonal temperature will also affect the charging of the battery. In particular, the temperature difference between summer and rainy season is very large, and the speed of charging and discharging is also very different, which should be adjusted according to the season.

2. The battery is prone to vulcanization during the charging process. When it is used, the power consumption is fast, and it needs frequent de-rushing. If the number of cycles is more, its service life will be reduced. .

For the main points of maintenance of electric four-wheel trucks, the editor will explain here for everyone. If you don't understand, you can call for consultation.

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