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Description of daily maintenance items for the motor control system of double-row electric trucks

by:Jiexian     2021-08-14

Double-row electric trucks mainly use batteries as the main energy source. The quality and capacity of the batteries affect the mileage of electric vehicles. When users buy electric trucks, they must pay attention to the condition of the battery, and also pay attention to the style of the vehicle, the load range, and other parts and systems. In the process of normal use, pay attention to the correct use method and related maintenance items.

The daily maintenance of the motor control system of the double-row electric truck is mainly as follows:

1. The use of the double-row electric truck is usually required Pay attention to keep the inside and outside of the control box clean and dry, free of water or oil, use a small fan to blow away the dust on the components, wiring posts and rows of the box regularly (weekly), or use a brush dipped in electrical cleaner to clean it. Affect the operation of contactors and relays.

2. Regularly check the tightness of the wiring and screws in the box to prevent the wiring and screws from loosening. Check whether the components such as switches, contactors, relays, etc. are damaged or burnt, and whether the working status of each component and the start, stop, and interlock functions are normal. It is necessary to keep the dynamic and static contacts of the contactor closed and in good contact, to avoid the motor being burnt out due to the lack of phase operation caused by the poor contact of the contacts.

3. When replacing relays and contactors, pay attention to the operating voltage of the solenoid coil to avoid changing the coil by mistake.

The above is about the daily maintenance of the motor control system of the double-row electric truck. I hope it will be helpful to everyone. The maintenance of vehicles can extend the service life and ensure the safety of work.

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