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Description of maintenance items for brake system of electric garbage truck

by:Jiexian     2021-08-15

There are four parts of an electric garbage truck, which are the electrical system, the chassis part and the body part. The brake system is the brake control device in the chassis part. Garbage trucks should be inspected for the integrity of each component system before use. The brake system is an important part of the inspection. In normal use, you should also pay attention to maintenance.

The main maintenance items for the brake system of electric garbage trucks are as follows:

1. If the handbrake of the vehicle is not working, you can By adjusting the adjustment bolts at the joints of the front and rear handbrake cables;

2. Before the garbage truck is used in normal times, check the integrity of the brake system; if it is used for a long time or not in use, it should be regularly inspected.

3. Regularly check the oil level of the brake oil can, if the oil in the oil can is less than 1/3, pay attention to refueling in time.

4. Brake system failure: When the garbage truck’s brakes are soft or the brakes are not working properly, you need to adjust the brake clearance and discharge the air in the brake pipe in time; if the brakes are off-track, you can adjust the brakes in the brakes. The gap between the brake shoe and the brake drum.

5. Brake system maintenance: Regularly check the status of the brake pipeline and the fixed points of the frame, and take protective measures in time if it is found to be off or there is friction between the pipeline and the frame.

The above is for you to introduce the maintenance of electric garbage truck brake system. If this article is helpful to you or want to know more about garbage truck product information, you can bookmark us to view!

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