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Design of the multi-functional snack car several details, you notice?

by:Jiexian     2020-09-17
Barbecue, Fried, rinse hot, teppanyaki work for a multi-functional snack car, can be arbitrary combination, Fried, rinse hot, teppanyaki, barbecue multiple functions. Charcoal, gas, coal gas. Convenient, flexible flow, is a popular choice of entrepreneurship. Seemingly small a snack car, actually contains many design details. Planning is exquisite, the furnace selection system of secondary alone into the wind, thermal cycling and thermal storage structure planning, carefully planning the charcoal fire, can make the charcoal burning of energetic and smokeless without fly ash, completely avoid the baked food when dripping oil falling into a fire of coals, and the traditional charcoal baked dry smell peculiar to the extreme. Recuperates the fire, according to the characteristics of food, regulate the size of the fire, can ensure that all kinds of food are baked effect, has overcome the disadvantages of traditional charcoal grilled food baking extremely easily paste, and use carbon quantity can save more than 50%. Insulation, furnace chose store thermal insulation program, as no longer heat to the outside of the furnace body, the operators don't have to endure is smoky, more simple and convenient, easy and flexible to operate. Baked food don't have to be turned over and over again, reduce the labor intensity, baked food heated evenly, make faster and higher production rate. Streamlined body planning, product with tight structure, the modelling is novel, appearance beautiful, fast speed, strong climbing ability, limited driving distance. Split type body plan, split type body for further repair and replacement parts, the integration of the same kind of manufacturers body plan, reduce repair capital. Modular interior electric ceiling selection fission type structure, can according to customer's preferences change interior structure, easy to repair replacement. Choose the ceiling interior material has excellent thermal insulation, thermal insulation effect; Reduce the interior noise, progress crew aboard the comfort and safety of material design, selection of stainless steel mesa material, good cleaning, clean health body use iron materials, surface spraying antirust paint solid, after use. It is so many small design to ensure the quality of our diners, let we the road smooth. Economic and technological development zone of Texas food better processing plant is food better mobile, multi-function diners snack car, mobile Fried string snacks breakfast car, snacks and other products professional production and processing of the company. Has a complete and scientific quality management system and good faith, the strength and product quality obtain industry acceptance. To good food's official website consulting service for more discount, multi-functional snack car mobile diners at the same time to learn more about problems, also can leave a message to tell small make up or to discuss your below.
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