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Dining car manufacturer's store car launches simple disinfection car for epidemic prevention and control

by:Jiexian     2021-08-18

After this new coronavirus [The symptoms after the new coronavirus are somewhat similar to SARS, the infected person will have acute and severe respiratory diseases, accompanied by fever, cough, shortness of breath and difficulty breathing In severe cases, kidney failure and death may occur. 】The infringement of human beings has sounded a deep alarm. Once the virus spreads, there must be a filing mechanism to quickly deal with and prevent and control the epidemic. In daily life and production, the awareness of plague prevention is also the top priority, regardless of the end of the epidemic and the restoration of calm After the resumption of work and production, we must conduct regular defensive anti-virus on our living and working environment.

The simple car disinfection truck introduced by the dining car manufacturer: remote control/electric control compatible, fast starting, safe to use, Flexible and convenient, cost-effective; high work efficiency, wide application range, micro-motor control horizontal rotation, hydraulic system control pitch angle, fast angle change; suitable for campus, factory, construction site, market, community, material yard, unloading Disinfection of places such as ports, vehicle unloading, etc., spray-type defensive disinfection of air, ground, and other objects. For example, in addition to loading and unloading, the garbage bins in the community need to be regularly disinfected. These tasks need to improve our overall safety awareness.

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