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Do you know something about the new model of store cars?

by:Jiexian     2021-08-17

   When operating, many entrepreneurs will be constrained by the store. The small passenger flow will definitely affect the business of the store. In places with a large passenger flow, the relative rent is also much higher. In store operations, various follow-up issues must be considered in the later stages, such as decoration, promotion, rectification, etc., which caused many people who devoted themselves to entrepreneurship to complain.

The new form of    store car is a brand new form of entrepreneurship that has been created after years of investigation and research in shopping malls and continuous innovation. Dianche's mobile storecarts are based on automation and intelligence, and are operated with sensitive and efficient activities, saving rent and labor costs for operators in all walks of life.

   shop, car, car shop in one, combining the two-tier advantages of store operation and event operation, saving store rent, utilities, property fees, labor costs, etc., together Without being restricted by region, passenger flow, season, crowd, etc., operators can operate where they want to operate. The timing and location of operation are completely determined by themselves, which greatly improves power, saves costs, and income. More abundant.

   In addition, in order to ensure the interests of investors, the store car also provides a full range of equipment protection and related technical training to eliminate entrepreneurs’ worries. Investors escorted. A car is a shop. Trust, the new form of 'car on behalf of the shop' created by the store car will definitely become the best choice for entrepreneurs on the road to wealth.

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