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Do you know that mobile dining trucks can be driven on the road?

by:Jiexian     2021-08-12

At present, most mobile dining carts on the market are new energy electric dining carts, which are classified as electric four-wheelers. The state does not have relevant guidelines to specify that the same category of mobile dining carts cannot be used on the road. Of course, to get rid of some additions is also extremely important for local governments, and the city construction and people's livelihood are also very important. On the one hand, the mobile dining car can be customized to integrate the information that the operator wants to convey and the civilization of the city into the product. It is also another kind of assistance for city construction.

On the other hand, mobile dining trucks can be widely used in commercial streets, scenic spots, carnivals and other major cities, which can drive per capita consumption. Increasing the employment rate can also improve the urban living environment and add urban characteristics. Compared with traditional street food trucks, the long mobile dining truck greatly improves the safety and hygiene coefficient of the operating environment and provides a guarantee for safe operation. Coupled with the demand for urban construction and people's livelihood, local governments are also open to mobile dining trucks.

At present, mobile dining trucks can go on the road without listing in most parts of the country. During this period, some regions such as Hebei and Yunnan need to go to the Vehicle Administration Bureau for listing. (Of course, the condition is to buy it from a regular dining car manufacturer, and the regular manufacturer can show the relevant procedures for listing.) Maybe the car models are larger, so most of the mobile dining trucks are agreed to go on the road. After the road problem is dealt with, how to deal with the urban management problem? As long as the approval process is completed at the Urban Management Bureau, legal and compliance operations can be carried out.

Faced with the mobile operation of mobile dining trucks, the government's sentiment is gradually changing. The unanimous acquisition of the government's 'vegetable basket project

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