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Does Jiexian Food Trailer have forwarder?
Shanghai Jiexian Industrial Co., Ltd. has been focusing on the manufacturing of hot dog cart suppliers for years. We also have accumulated extensive partnership with logistics companies. They are fully tested by us in terms of delivery accuracy and fast turnover. Through working with them, we achieve a high on-time delivery rate to meet customers' requirements. As the early stage of our development, we did have a forwarder to help handle the clearance formalities as we were not familiar with the export business. But now, with years of experience, we can ensure a fast shipment without the help of forwarders.

With rich industry experience, Jiexian does well in home and abroad market. Jiexian Food Trailer's bbq concession trailer series contains multiple sub-products. The functionality of the product is tested repeatedly. It has passed the waterproof and rainproof tests to ensure there is no leakage. The product is used in a variety of industries. It greatly relieves labor intensity, relieves people from dangerous work, and improves productivity. The ventilation system and air vents on the roof ensure the fresh air to flow inside the product.

Always prepare for satisfying the continuously changing market demands is our main objective. Currently, our company makes numerous efforts and invests in product innovation for the markets. Inquire now!
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