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Driver's license (driver's license) is required to drive a four-wheel electric sightseeing car

by:Jiexian     2021-08-15

  The four-wheel electric sightseeing car is a kind of regional electric car. It is specially designed for tourist attractions, parks, large amusement parks, gated communities, campuses, garden hotels, resorts, villa areas, urban pedestrian streets, and ports. Environmentally friendly electric passenger vehicles for self-driving tours, regional patrols, and transportation developed in other regions.

   But did you know? Although the electric sightseeing car is economical, it has a wide range of uses. But it also needs to go through relevant procedures before it can be operated on the road. First, go to the transportation department to apply for operating qualifications; second, go to the industrial and commercial department to register the company; finally, go to the traffic police department to apply for a special number plate for the factory park; or you can cooperate with the development zone management committee. There is also a crucial question, do I need a driver’s license to drive an electric sightseeing car? The electric sightseeing car is a 'special vehicle in the field (factory)' of special equipment. Personnel Certificate' can be used for driving. Therefore, driving an electric sightseeing car should obtain a special equipment operator certificate. You should go to the local special equipment inspection agency for training, and you can only drive the electric sightseeing car after passing the training and obtaining the special equipment operation certificate. Consult the local transportation department for specific details. Different regions may have different requirements.

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