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Driving an electric sightseeing car must be a snack car shop to abandon these humble

by:Jiexian     2021-08-12

  Electric sightseeing car is a type of vehicle. Driving a sightseeing car should care for it and maintain it like a car, so I have to list some bad habits that should be discarded for everyone.

  1. Do not decelerate after passing the speed bump

   Although the top speed of a sightseeing car is only 25 kilometers per hour, it will also form a big bump when passing the speed bump. Passing the speed bump at high speed will cause damage to the internal components of the sightseeing car, and even cause the connection line to fall off, which will affect the use and life of the car.

  2, coasting

   coasting damage is invisible, but if the sightseeing car has coasted for a long distance and then stepped on the accelerator, it will cause internal components to break down, burn the fuse and make the whole car no power. Because the initial current of the accelerator is very large, care should be taken to avoid high current breakdown of the fuse.

  3. Frequent emergency braking

   Emergency braking is the most taboo operation for driving all vehicles. Frequent emergency braking will aggravate the wear of the brake pads, causing the brake drum to overheat, and in severe cases, it will A fire has occurred.

  4. Do not perform maintenance in time

   The maintenance of the sightseeing car is relatively simple: filling the battery with distilled water, applying butter on the steering gear, and replenishing gear oil on the rear axle. Although these are simple maintenance, they are also essential tasks.

   I believe that abandoning these bad habits, the life of the sightseeing car will definitely get a qualitative leap. This is a good behavior not only for the user but also for the manufacturer.

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