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Durable method of battery mobile dining car shop sightseeing car

by:Jiexian     2021-08-17

  Battery sightseeing cars [Battery sightseeing cars have a wide variety and appearance. They can generally be divided into mountain sightseeing cars, electric minibuses (city tours), and classic cars (VIP sightseeing cars). ). 】With its beautiful appearance and excellent quality, it brings a lot of convenience to your travel. At the same time, we need careful maintenance during daily use, which can not only extend the service life and maintain good car conditions. The editor summarized the knowledge of sightseeing car maintenance for everyone. Every day you only need to do some minimal maintenance measures for your car, which will change more gains. The maintenance of the battery sightseeing car can not only improve the driving performance of the vehicle and reduce the breakdown, but also can increase the service life of the entire vehicle. Since the battery-powered electric sightseeing car is a battery-powered electric sightseeing car, you should focus on the user and the battery line’s on-road agencies to keep it time.

Attention to the maintenance and repair of mechanical parts for    sightseeing battery car:

   (1) The brake system should be checked once a month. For example, if the brake is not ideal, it should be debugged in time to ensure Their safety performance.

   (2) Fill the system with oil every year.

   (3) Replace the powertrain once a year with hyperbolic gear oil.

  (4) The air tightness of the screw machine parts is checked regularly every month to ensure safety.

   (5) Add half of butter in the machine direction to ensure normal lubrication.

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