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Electric car multifunctional breakfast - what are the attractive place Flow dining car manufacturer

by:Jiexian     2020-09-27
Constantly in recent years, with food and beverage operations, electric utility car become the main food and beverage operations and breakfast, car environmental protection of electric utility breakfast lunch, the active method of operation for broad operators to create a greater economic benefit. So why utility vehicle for breakfast in the restaurant industry has received such a high praise, whether in electric utility vehicle for breakfast what attract local people? 1: utility breakfast car chooses infrared equipment, secondary circulation into the wind, a smoke-free environment protection, energy saving, and breakfast in shijiazhuang utility car burning, grilled, steamed, boiled, rinse, iron and other multiple functions into an organic whole. Baking faster, food doesn't touch the fire, don't attack lampblack, and does not lose food nutrients, roast meat tender of the products, fresh sweet spicy, degeneration and refreshing, afford for thought, is a heartache, and retain the original barbecue food. The second point: the utility car is a smoke-free barbecue, breakfast snack car of the event, its first contain with wheels at the bottom of the box body and set in the enclosure sanitary water storage box, locker, food tableware locker and by baking, barbecue net, lining up of furnace, grate, cover a smoke-free barbecue stoves. Its characteristic is a local mobile, therefore suitable for outdoor activities. The third point: utility car is electric motorcycle; breakfast, mobile lunch, a multi-purpose, snack car, in the breakfast together, also can do snacks and drinking water snack car, a car can, also don't have to take up a lot of manpower, short operation, open up also bento lunch, will ride electric vehicles, will be open. Through the above description, do you feel more functions selected car is a good breakfast? Then quickly move, pick a car for his utility breakfast! The car can match function specification: 1. Malatang 2. Fried 3. The kanto cook 4. Teppanyaki. 5. Barbecue 6. Steamer 7. The outer stove, Within the current car price, snack car, customers can according to the practice of their own needs, more than 7 kinds of function, can choose three kinds of utility equipment in snack car! ) 8. Solid tire 9. After 10 storage ways. Door lock 11. 12 push handle. The front window yakeli resistance
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