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Electric cars use considerations for breakfast

by:Jiexian     2020-09-23

breakfast electric car application FAQ

already came to the summer, the temperature can immediately carry out heat from day to day, but it was never able to withstand the ChiKe heart, you walk in the streets in the city in our country, so have to eat hot pot around learning and training, everyone around friends on

in drinking and eating kebabs in addition, most of the friends prefer outdoor stalls or moving truck, breakfast instead of cooking, because it's atmosphere and delicious. This is

you conduct life daily life application electric car breakfast must students pay attention to what matters? Below the dining car manufacturers a guys read me to analysis.

application of electric vehicle for breakfast pay special attention to the following matters:

1, as far as possible need not insolate, under the high temperature of the natural environment can make the battery internal pressure continued to ask member, in turn, can cause rechargeable batteries, water shortage will cause a rechargeable battery specificity significantly reduced, accelerate the embrittlement of pole piece.

2, always check the tire pressure, tire pressure is important to maintain the proper tire pressure; Every two weeks or to ensure that each month, then check the tire pressure a less; Tire pressure is too low will

as a result, the driver cost is large, short driving distance, reduces the driving comfort, reduce the life of the tire, reduce the safety coefficient.

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