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Electric diners can get attention - four reasons Flow dining car manufacturer

by:Jiexian     2020-09-28
Electric diners snack car factory is composed of three parts: electrical system, chassis, body. Electrical system: according to the function is divided into two systems: ( 1) Powertrains - Battery, motor, etc. ( 2) Control and assisted system - Electric control, switch, wiring harness, charger, etc. During the battery still is given priority to with lead-acid batteries, part of the vehicle or equipment for customer request or iron ion batteries, lithium ion batteries but its relative price is more expensive. Motor using more have a dc series motor, dc separately excited motor, brushless motor and switched reluctance motor, communication, asynchronous motor, etc. , meantime series dc motor and dc separately excited motor function due to cheap price, superior characteristics such as widely used in electric vehicle. Electric diners to maintain electric motor noise is too big, dining car up what reason! Electric car characteristics snacks drive electric diners astern needs pay attention to what matters? Electric diners how to choose? Electric snack car social popular business to join electric snacks today's expansion and opportunities electric snack car how much money a? Electric charge too long affect transient electric battery diners maintenance of electric since as it comes to the dining car is popular, not only because of its environmental protection characteristics, smoke-free snacks, is also due to its function in the use of displayed on a huge advantage. So, electric diner in the process of using, which interests better? It can impress the extensive attention of reason reflected in what respect? Below we will introduce it to widely pays attention to the four reasons. 1, environmental protection and energy saving, clean sanitation electric diners with battery driven, snack car, low energy consumption, zero emissions, energy conservation and environmental protection. Factory equipped with high quality stainless steel tableware, make food preservation and insulation, can be clean health products customers. 2, novel appearance, attract eyeball electric look fine dining car about atmosphere, integrating sales, light box advertising, body advertising, the appearance of the new planning, two fitting for action of gravity, promote sales - — Appearance of advertising planning can customize according to customer's requirement. Electric trucks can also be applied to daily provisions sale, vegetables, fruit, aquatic product fast food sale, stationery, flowers, etc. , snack cart, can be called rich new masters, * * * new protagonist. Utility electric snack car hot and cold drinks hamburgers at west dining car manufacturers many current car direct the road of life, difficult and easy to have to go; Feeling in the world, there will always be cold and warm. Don't shout tired, because no one share for you; Don't say bitter, because no one for you to taste; Don't be weak, because no one strong for you. Don't go too far, forget the way; Don't look too clear, can from reality; Don't think too much, will lose yourself. Everything is mind, have in the heart, there is; , no static. Wisdom, not walking in the past; Open-minded people, don't worry in the future; A wise man, to understand now.
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