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Electric diners commonly used car Windows have? - Flow dining car manufacturer

by:Jiexian     2020-09-29
Electric diners commonly used car Windows have? When reversing, drive electric diner is other models have difficulty, because from the appearance of dining car, can be a must to reverse. In reverse time, therefore, we should pay attention to pay attention to matters related to back as far as possible to complete the security, safety harness. Above electric diners small make up to give us introduce you several drive mobile snack car backed up a few attention matters and operation tips, we together and see it. 1. Be aware of vehicles blind area can all vehicles is blind area, electric diner even more so. In reverse disturbance caused by a temporary, big small was caused by the vehicle's blind spots; Meanwhile hit, rolling child disturbance, it is all because of the existence of blind spots provoked. Usually we often use reversing radar, there are a lot of blind area, video introduced what are reversing radar blind area? We can look to the blind area when using ordinary in some conditions. As a result of the radar launch planning is cone shaped, so reverse LeiDaFei necessary blind area planning is the radar ultrasonic probe to recover between sound waves and sound waves are not 'shine' to planning. 2. Don't be too while backing on electronic vehicle is blind area for equipment, reversing radar, such as electron assisted equipment is also blind area, if in the process of reversing blindly rely on for electronic equipment, and its theory with eyes not query the surrounding environment, so the next time the onset of disturbance is not far away from you. For equipment only for role, let's all that I do not rely on it; Is still more than their eyes while backing query query, about the existence of abnormal condition to see more. Electric diner when choosing window, can have many kinds of selection. Because of the different types of glass material, the effect will be different when using. So, generally speaking, what can choose glass varieties? Below we will according to the characteristics of the various kinds of glass, we introduce all kinds of glass for the differences. Have a friend needs to know. 1, electric diners use is a kind of toughened glass, toughened glass to safety glass. Toughened glass is glass of a kind of prestressing force actually, to the strength of the trek glass, generally use chemical or physical method, the glass appearance constitute a compressive stress, glass bears offset when outside force surface layer stress, and then walk the bearing talent, strengthen the glass itself wind pressure resistance, through sex, impact, etc. This is ambitious electric glass dining car, but because of high prices, so not all electric diners can use toughened glass. 2, ground glass and frosted glass, dark glass. Is to use general flat glass by mechanical sandblasting, grinding craft or the way such as hydrofluoric acid corrosion appearance treatment into uniform appearance. Due to rough outside onset of diffuse light, pervious to light, it can make indoor light is soft and not harsh. In order to electric dining car interior lighting. 3, water gush arenaceous glass is mixed emery, high-pressure jet in glass appearance, in order to burnish a process. Contains spray glass and sand carving glass, it is the active level sandblasting machine or vertical sandblasting machine on the glass processed into level or concave carved images of glass products, can also be used in the image with the color is called 'print glass' or work with computer engraving machine utilization, deep carved carved lightly, sparkling form and structure of fine arts. Gush arenaceous glass makes with high-tech craft flat glass appearance structure corrosion, then form translucent mist side effect, with a vague sense of beauty. The vitreous body character of electric diner, but relatively less. 4, hollow glass, a variety of functions is superior to the general double deck glass, thus obtained the national recognition, hollow glass is two or more pieces of glass to useful support from even and peripheral bonded seal, glass interlayer constitute a drab gas space of glass. Insulating glass has excellent heat insulation sound insulation effect, the price is relatively high, can according to customer's requirements.
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