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Electric diners considerations - charging Flow dining car manufacturer

by:Jiexian     2020-09-29
Electric car battery maintenance to the breakfast, breakfast will extend the electric car become old, yea, let me introduce our electric car battery maintenance of common sense for breakfast. Electric car for breakfast points many varieties, different electric car buy breakfast breakfast is not the same, which function is more functions of electric car, breakfast can all are able to make breakfast, so sweet snack car, and move lunch, use is also very short. The electric car battery for breakfast in the process of using, let's not overcharge and over discharge. When the electric car battery voltage is lower than the 42 v at the breakfast, we should use intermittent use of it, and within 24 hours to charge, assume that is still a force is applied, is very big to the harm of electric car for breakfast. About has been used and to meet the electrical electric car batteries, breakfast assumes that during the storage period, let's be it is necessary for every other month to 21 a charging current to the battery fluid severe bubbling suspended, intention of doing so is to protect the storage battery. Electric car battery in the process of applying the breakfast, should stick to the battery looks clean and see if the touch of the connecting line. Choose the high quality electric car choose electric for breakfast. Breakfast electric car will have to show us more about electric dining car, electric car snacks, activities, dining car electric car breakfast of common sense is around to eat so sweet snack car, welcome call advisory! 2 it is to use less as far as possible 'quick charge'. Broad street 'quick charge' to supply people with the lunch, also overdraw the battery life. Three is fully charged, first unplug chargers 220 v communication at the input plug, and then remove the output plug, plug the power supply, hands need to be flat; Battery long time don't have to, it is necessary to meet the electricity after the check, and make sure the charge once a month, or you will cut the battery using life spans. Electric charge for dining car matters is introduced here, first electric diner is ready to maintain when charging, it apply stature will be extended, hope these will help to us.
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