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- electric dining car battery correct use Flow dining car manufacturer

by:Jiexian     2020-09-29
Electric dining car battery right using method 1, the use of batteries in the winter, steam temperature below 15 ° c, or less, with the temperature drop and the decrease of the output capacity, cycling journey normally shorten. 2, new car ChuDu charging, charging should have 18 hours. Battery long time need not when, should meet the electricity check, and once every 15 days compensation electric. If the battery, the battery is hot and not turn green, should be timely to professional electric dining car repair point to examine and repair battery and charger. 3, in the process of travel, and the dial indicator for red undervoltage, indicate the battery into the hungry area, should be timely charging, charging in time can greatly extend battery life. Let the battery always insist on full condition, is of great benefit to its full extension. Or it will greatly affect the use of batteries become old, yea, the tougher would amount to a battery scrap in advance. 4, the charger is good or bad, but the underlying recharge, * * * replacement charger, battery prevent overcharge and over discharge. In the process of applying for not long time, large current discharge ( Such as electric bicycle manned climbing, overloaded in) 。 5, electric dining car charger all the important skills goal should be consistent with the use full of battery, don't use too large or too small current is not in conformity with the requirements of the charger to recharge.
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