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Electric dining car driving mode and tire maintenance - Flow dining car manufacturer

by:Jiexian     2020-09-29
Electric china-pakistan diner is more common in our day an electric dining car, saw in the night market will be more severe s in this section, the dining car how better livelihoods in the electric car * * *? Electric china-pakistan dining car driver is electric drive safe, green environmental protection, its itself does not discharge the harmful gas of atmospheric pollution, used in a battery. Because most of power plants built away from the city is full of people, less damage to the human, and power plant flue gas can meet emissions, brief the eradication of all kinds of harmful emissions, the expansion of our country in recent years have continuously hydropower, nuclear power, wind power, trust in the next few years electric vehicles will become the powerful transportation workers can fully use the evening electricity when trough abundant electricity charge, make the generating equipment can use day and night, trudging its economic benefits greatly, which saves power and cut carbon emissions and other interests. Electric dining car series product sales very popular in recent years, use is also repeatedly, diners everywhere 'heads' right is high, the aroma of food also will come, then the products through the use of long time after the dining car tyres how to maintain? Electric products dining car tire maintenance method is as follows. Punctuality to check tires, tire around the surface usually indicate the wear limit, tire use is commonly 4 to 5 years to replace, assume compensatory time 3 to 4 times, so need to consider the tires on the drive wheels or the rear wheels, with the risk of falling flat tire. Secondly, two tyres of the air pressure must be uniform, prevent the brakes may be abrupt stop the condition of the present phenomenon of deflection. After all, to be able to choose energy-saving tire, energy-saving tire energy conservation and environmental protection, fuel efficient, using the full long, also is very good.
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