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Electric flatbed truck need regular check - brake fluid Flow dining car manufacturer

by:Jiexian     2020-09-26
Electric flat-bed truck brake system can play a good role, the brake fluid plays an important role. In the process of using and punctual must pay attention to check. Then, in view of the time, we should pay attention to what issues? Here we will to introduce us to the problem. First, punctual to clean electric flat-bed truck card box, disc roller etc, can by spray brake dust cleaner to remove grease, it can travel brake loose degree. Can pass ZhaXunKa box of show window to view the rest of the brake fluid, such as found shortweight to add in a timely manner. Secondly, a kind of clutch and brake parts, needs to be punctual to check the engine room to receive the amount of liquid tank, in a timely manner to add, clutch apply liquid with brake liquid. The brake fluid in the vehicle operation gradually reduce lose normal phenomenon, but if the condition of rapid cutting demand attention, demand to see oh. After all, the amount of brake fluid how much contact to the electric tricycle diners degree of wear degree and the adjustable pedal, so that the car has a jar. The above introduction is punctual for us to check electric flat-bed truck brake fluid should be aware of two important aspects of the above introduction is expected to bring you must tips and help.
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