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Electric patrol car assists social security prevention and control workers

by:Jiexian     2021-08-14
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Yuedi is strictly self-disciplined and pays much attention to Ru0026D expenditure [Yuedi is a brand trademark of Hebei New Universe Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd., and is a Hebei New Universe Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd. The company was registered in 2008. 】New power series electric sightseeing car [Electric sightseeing car, also called sightseeing electric car, is a type of electric car for regional use, which can be divided into residential car, electric classic car, and small golf car. 】、Electric patrol car 【Electric Patrol Car is a model specially designed and developed for personnel in special departments to patrol. Types and luxury types. 】、Small trains, mobile dining cars and other series of brands are checked layer by layer and monitored continuously to ensure the excellent quality of offline products. Since the establishment of No.1 Industrial Group, it has strictly managed high quality, maintained what it said is what it said, and took pragmatic and real consequences with real measures. Under the shrewd decision plan and accurate guidance of the top of the group.

The No.1 Industrial Electric Inspection Vehicle is low-carbon, environmentally friendly, sensitive, flexible, efficient, and convenient. It not only meets the country's request for future protection of the situation, but also can be regarded as a public security shuttle service. convenient. The introduction and application of No.1 Industrial's electric inspection vehicle can not only assist the legal team to better inspect and handle the city appearance and city appearance, but also deal with all kinds of illegal actions in a timely manner, which will play a great role in the prevention and control of social security inspections. The promotion of the night.

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