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Electric patrol mobile restaurant car management method

by:Jiexian     2021-08-14
Second ufeff

  一. Car use management

   Special car use, special person management, unified transfer, the car is only used for administrative law enforcement and departmental official vehicles, and other uses must be After agreeing to move the car.

  Second, driver’s responsibilities

  1. Strengthen the learning of politics, business skills and safety knowledge, and comprehensively improve one's own quality;

  2, consciously abide by traffic laws And various management systems to comply with laws and disciplines;

  3, obey superior leaders and command and dispatch, and achieve orders and prohibitions;

  4, strengthen the daily inspection and maintenance of vehicles, press Provisions for maintenance to ensure that vehicles are in good condition and safe to drive;

  5. Cherish vehicles, save expenses, and strive to reduce usage costs [Usage costs are all costs incurred by buyers in the use of products. ] And maintenance costs and other expenses.

  3. Management regulations

  1. Driving or using law enforcement vehicles is not allowed to engage in non-law enforcement activities;

  2. No intentional use for any reason or in any form is allowed Cover up and alter the number plates of law enforcement vehicles.

  3. Law enforcement vehicles must be centrally managed, parked in accordance with regulations after get off work, and are not allowed to drive home.

  4. During the execution of official duties, law enforcement officers must consciously abide by traffic laws.

  5. Pay attention to the daily cleaning and maintenance of law enforcement vehicles. The body is intact and the signs are clear. Keep the car clean and tidy when performing official duties.

  6. Strengthen the supervision of the use of law enforcement vehicles, and promptly seize and hold accountable for violations of regulations.

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