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Electric snack car electricity how to deal with - but walk Flow dining car manufacturer

by:Jiexian     2020-09-23
Electric snack car is our common kind of street snack car, mostly in the form of electricity, but assuming power present shortcomings, let's know how to deal with it. Perhaps the power electricity but can't walk, rendering these shortcomings we must know how to repair, how to deal with. Electric vehicle snack car electricity but can't walk to deal in the following way. First, the selector switch insurance whether to burn; Replace the insurance. Secondly, discriminant burned, switch the yellow/black and yellow or brown line is connected; Don't replace burned to switch. Then, the electronic shift is normal. Whether other, dc touch off completely, at the ends of the device with a multimeter test dc voltage is normal, 60V) , is not normal, replace the dc touch; Previous dc touch device) has its drawbacks, and now has control. Moreover, the controller is normal. The motor is normal after all. Actually our electric snack car show these faults must be our common caused by unreasonable to use the above, but present these problems don't worry, we can in accordance with the way to deal with some of the above measures will be very good to deal with problems, in addition to know more about this so let's usual repair common sense also needs to maintain our electric car snacks, such talent to ensure its using life spans.
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