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Electric snack car factory consultation three-wheeled dining car battery power switch installed in the battery wire end

by:Jiexian     2020-09-24

electric tricycle diners snack cart with a smoke-free barbecue, malatang, teppanyaki, Fried, kanto cooking, cooking noodles and dumplings and other functions, can make a variety of delicious, 美味) Healthy snacks, environmental protection, fragrance all the way, is an ideal tool to barbecue snacks between urban and rural areas. Jinan TengHai machinery ( 力学) Co. , LTD. Is a production, 生产) Manufacturing ( 制造) Electric food truck enterprises, the production of electric trucks have small, environmental protection, economy, low noise, Db ( dB) ) The characteristics of ( 特征) , which greatly improve the efficiency of the room ( 效率) 。 Widely ( 广泛) Suitable for large factory ( 工厂) , airports, schools, hospitals, hotels and other places of room service, truly realize the healthy environmental protection, energy saving, comfortable to meet the different needs of customers.

stainless steel mesa, Acid-proof stainless steel) Good materials, clean wash ( 清洁) Car body with iron materials, appearance, have anticorrosive paint ( 防锈漆) Strong and durable. Barbecue furnace adopts vertical ( Set) Barbecue, on both sides of furnace tank ( 水槽) ( Need to add water) Again, there was a fire on the iron plate used for pressure above, with the iron lid, meat string wear good stand into the oven, kebabs in baked to a certain degree will produce oil, oil will drop into the water tank directly, it won't produce smoky taste, won't produce harm to the body. Pressure plate to the fire would make the fire up the heat to the kebabs, on both sides of the lid to cover feng again, people to be able to avoid much heat in the barbecue, the multi-functional mobile snack car both environmental protection and health.

in addition to the two erroneous zone and the power switch of the battery installed in the battery wire end, also is very dangerous, it is easy to cause fire hazard to its own security ( 安全) 。 The correct installation, is will power switch installed on the wire end. Think the electrolyte density ( Unit: g/cm3 or kg/m3) The bigger the better, in fact this is wrong, how it is easy to cause the plate and baffle plate corrosion ( Definition: refers to decay and disappear, erosion, etc. ) A variety of problems, such as electric dining car battery life cycle ( 一生) To reduce ( 减少) 。 After using an error is for the new battery does not need to charge for the first time, the right is actually needs, to the service life of the battery ( 一生) Have a great impact.

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